Two dimensional design

The images included on this page are a sampling of my 2-Dimensional work from 1994 to present. There are several, if not many, other examples of my drawing, painting and photography that could be presented although, I prefer to chose only those which best represent the particular mediums / style.

Note that, the image called *97 Painting” & “Spin” are examples of an experiment where the original painting was created with fluorescent mediums, chalk and paint…then, photographed under UV light to produce a vibrant example of the work. Only 6 of these paintings & photographs were produced and I considered at that time the technique something new, not previously know.

Throughout my tenure as fine artist experimentation to achieve a never before conceived object of art was and remains in the forefront of my efforts. To be forthright relative to this idea of the “original idea”, I cannot be absolutely sure that some of these objects of art and the techniques to create them are or were a first, or if they influenced any other artists to follow. Only at that time in 1997, I had not known of any other techniques such as the fluorescent painting & photography to exist.

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