Multi Media Design

I began my tenure as fine artist in 1996 after completing a B.A. in Art Studio at UAB in Birmingham, Al.  The studio was and then remains, the coal testing lab and an adjacent rail shed, two of several structures of the former Republic Steel Works within the confines of Wade Sand & Gravel also Birmingham, Al. Two years prior to establishing my studio, I attended a summer session at the Pilchuck Glass Sch. in Seattle. The class,  “Object Image Language”,  presented by Stephen Paul Day & Maria Porges offered methods of creating dialog for objects we created utilizing kiln casting techniques with lead crystal.  While at Pilchuck I had the opportunity to observe several additional interesting glass casting and blowing techniques. After establishing my studio in the Republic Steel works facility cast and blown glass became my primary medium , producing multi media objects of art.

Cast glass is a living medium wrought from earth and fire. The figure cast in glass enhances the presence of life, the primal formation of life. Cast from living models using derma gel / latex impressions, a negative impression of the face is formed, then a wax positive from the negative mold. Ceramic, sand or silica plaster mold materials are formed around the wax producing a negative hard casting mold, the wax burned out and lead crystal or soda lime glass is cast into the mold by kiln casting or ladle cast / poured into mold. Some of these objects were up to 8 inches thick and remained in the annealing oven for more than 14 days. Adding other mediums / shapes and forms to the composition rendered an enhanced perspective and content for the composition. I hope this body of work with cast glass if figurative and or abstract might offer an cognitive emotional, primal response, where one might consider the natural materials and forces of earth & fire incorporated in these objects. Where the individuals personal experience might consider the grand scheme of creation by way of the composition at hand, realizing a spontaneous new reality, or recall a present or distant memory.

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