Statement March 2023

From 2011 to present my primary medium of reverse painting with plate glass mirror / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements, allowed the intended driven purpose for creating unique objects of art, utilizing the silver-reflective coating as color, the 8th element of design! Developing a definitive style has taken its time… New techniques by way of experimentation […]


The following images are examples of my “Mosaic” style of Vere’ / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements. A grid pattern of silver, the reflective coating on the back side of a plate glass mirror is formed and where the lines forming the grid remain silver / reflective. The reflective coating inside the grid spaces is then […]

8th Element of Design

Physical Reflection, the 8th Element of Design: Timothy Poe, July 16, 2021 Early in 2013, I began advocating for the reflective surface of a plate glass mirror and other reflective objects as an 8th element of design incorporated into residential and publics spaces. Specifically, a reflective surface, mirror, polished metal, clear glass, or water should […]

Timothy R Poe Studio

Art courts the physic, we respond to color emotionally and intellectually. Color, form and symbols, natural or man made are interpreted by way of our particular culture, we all feel and reason by way of subjective and objective experience. Visual reflection carries one to the reflection of the conscience and sub conscience mind, a multi […]

Mirrors as Art

When considering Timothy Poe’s work in the medium of mirrored glass we are confronted with a variety of stimulating challenges that range from the historical to the philosophical and which include the ever present question, “is it art or is it decorative?” This abstract, conceptual work demands a high degree of participation from the viewer […]

My Tenure as a resident artist at Wade Sane & Gravel

During my youth, a desire to live my life as an artist was ever-present.  To create never before seen objects with paint and canvas, bronze and glass, the expression of the idea, not completely understood but realized?  Finding this ideal place, this state of mind took time and desire! The opportunity presented itself just after […]