Statement March 2023

From 2011 to present my primary medium of reverse painting with plate glass mirror / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements, allowed the intended driven purpose for creating unique objects of art, utilizing the silver-reflective coating as color, the 8th element of design! Developing a definitive style has taken its time… New techniques by way of experimentation […]


The following images are examples of my “Mosaic” style of Vere’ / Eglomise’ w Reflective Elements. A grid pattern of silver, the reflective coating on the back side of a plate glass mirror is formed and where the lines forming the grid remain silver / reflective. The reflective coating inside the grid spaces is then […]

8th Element of Design

Physical Reflection, the 8th Element of Design: Timothy Poe, July 16, 2021 Early in 2013, I began advocating for the reflective surface of a plate glass mirror and other reflective objects as an 8th element of design incorporated into residential and publics spaces. Specifically, a reflective surface, mirror, polished metal, clear glass, or water should […]